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  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

    Data Integration Across the Enterprise

    Make way for real-time data insights that lead to more agile decision-making and faster response to market conditions.

  • Profitability Analytics in Transportation

    Optimize Profits  with Teradata Value Analyzer

    Read Brochure: Profitability Analytics in Transportation

    Uncover New, Revenue-Driving Opportunities….

    Using Teradata’s advanced analytic capabilities, WW Grainger capitalized on data transparency to the transaction level to isolate insights toward improvements – and increase profits.

    Read Case Study: WW Grainger: The Supply & Demand of Advanced Profitability Insights

    Stay on Track by Predicting Failure Faster

    Siemens uses Teradata to leverage sensor-data analytics and predictive maintenance to address train failures - before they even occur.

    Read the Story: Siemens – The Internet of Trains


    Take off with Data-Powered Tactics

    Working with Teradata, DHL improved profitability and strategic and pricing decisions worldwide with one consistent view of revenue, and cost and profitability – a view achieved faster and at lower cost.

    Watch the Webinar: Achieving Actionable Insights into Profitability with DHL Express

    Uncover New, Revenue-Driving Opportunities

    Use detailed revenue and costing techniques to drive business insights that might not be uncovered using traditional analytical methods. Teradata helps WW Grainger leverage profitability analytics to support brand/segment profitability reporting, value-based contracting/customer profitability, profitability of sales territories and branch channels, and profitability support for supplier negotiations.

    Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in HealthcareWatch the Video: WW Grainger: Leverage Profitability to Drive Business Growth  

    Anticipate Stronger Successes

    Big data analytics can both sense and predict the state of elements in a travel and transportation system in order to improve user experience, optimize operational efficiency, avoid equipment failures, innovate service quality, give visibility into supply chains, and tailor services and communications to user needs. 

     See the Video: Travel and Transportation: Big Data Analytics with Hani Mahmassani

    Keep Asset Utilization on Track

    Using Teradata solutions, transportation and network operators can reduce planned downtime, streamline procedures, and anticipate non-routine events to increase capacity and revenue without expending capital on new equipment.

    Read the Report: Rail Network Businesses Demand Robust Solutions


    Map Data with Logistical Modeling

    The transportation, logistics and distribution industries are migrating from traditional service orientations to a more customer-centric focus. Teradata’s Transportation Logistics Data Model (TLDM) can help your organization become more agile and responsive by providing the business intelligence framework for a powerful and flexible enterprise data warehouse.





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    Learn the optimal mix of Hadoop, data warehouse, and E-Marketing applications for your success!

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