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  • Retail

    Connect With Your Customer at the Speed of Life

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  • Engaging with your Connected Customer at the Speed of Life…What is Your Plan?

    The always connected nature of our modern world means that customers are never more than a few seconds away from their next shopping experience, and retailers need to be prepared for the encounter whenever and where ever it occurs. To appeal to today’s connected customers, retailers must offer a seamless customer experience—one that unites physical stores and online digital worlds.

    8 out of 10 Top Global Retailers and 18 out of the 20 Top US Retailers Use Teradata

    Eight of the top 10 global retailers, and eighteen of the top 20 U.S. retailers—including hard-line, grocery, specialty, and fashion retailers—partner with Teradata to deliver critical customer and business insights, drive performance, and fuel growth across stores, mobile, and e-commerce channels. Find out more about the Teradata for Retail data-driven business legacy and our data-driven business capabilities.

    Connected Customer Retail Enterprise Framework


    Meeting Changing Customer Needs: Teradata Enabling Omni-Channel Retailers

    Retailers will have to understand their customers better than ever before and leverage customer purchase behavior data to speak directly to customers with personalized and lifestyle-relevant value. Robust analytics through Teradata can allow retailers to rapidly analyze market baskets by comparing what customers are buying at that moment with affinities to other products and what they’ve purchased in the past. The power in these analytics is being able to boost sales on the spot or drive the customer back to the store or website. 

     National Retail Federation (NRF): Belk upgrades its database system to prepare for another century of growth

    A New Approach: Advanced Analytics Solutions Enabled by “On-Demand” Data Scientists for Business Users and Today’s Pressing Retail Problems

    Teradata offers an approach that goes beyond traditional analytical reporting of “what has happened?” to one that can give you strategic insights into “what is happening?” and “what will happen?”. Our Rapid Insights for Retail solution is not a business intelligence reporting tool. It is a cloud based approach that does not require a typical IT project to enable engagement.

     Learn more about our Connected Customer Rapid Insights Service Solution.  

    More Grocers Need To Leverage Big Data Analytics

    Grocer loyalty program databases, rich with detailed customer data, have been in existence for decades, providing grocers who exploit this data with a competitive advantage. With the emergence of new data types and big data additional opportunities are available to small and medium-size grocers to compete better with larger chains. More Grocers Need to Lead with Big Data Analytics  

    How To Reach Connected Customers Using Big Data

    In the era of the connected customer, having a big data strategy to collect, store, organize, and analyze the trail of deep customer data is critical to the delivery of timely, personalized customer interactions. Fortunately with the right technology, infrastructure and analytics in place to unlock the full potential of this data, driving deeper engagement with your connected customers is anything but guesswork.

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